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What is Probate?

The legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person by resolving all claims against them, and distributing the deceased person's property under a validly executed will or by intestacy. 

The Role of the Probate Court

  1. Decides the validity of a deceased's will; 
  2. Interprets the instructions of the deceased; 
  3. Approves the personal representative; and 
  4. Decides the interests of heirs and other parties who may have claims against the estate. 

Duties of the Personal Representative

  • Duty to Discover & Protect Assets 
    1. Locate and appraise all the assets of the deceased and create an estimated value of the estate. 
  • Duty to Notify Interested Parties
    1. Notify all heirs and beneficiaries of the appointment of a Personal Representative; 
    2. Alert state and federal agencies of the deceased's passing; 
    3. Notify all creditors that can be ascertained by reasonable efforts with actual notice, and provide constructive notice to alert any unknown creditors; 
  • Duty to Pay Debts, Obligations & Taxes
    1. Continue to pay the bills and support obligations of the deceased. 
    2. Handling the estate tax and filing deceased's final income tax return. 
  • Duty to Distribute Assets & Close the Estate 
    1. Once the court approves the final accounting of the estate, the Personal Representative oversees the distribution of the assets to their intended recipients. 
  • Duty of Loyalty 
    1. The Personal Representative has an obligation to act solely in the estate's best interest and remain impartial between beneficiaries. 


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